NMC Reporting


Notifiable Medical Conditions (NMC) are of public health importance. Surveillance of NMCs involves the systematic collection, analysis and use of epidemiologic data to provide scientifically proven and accurate information to detect and act against public health threats rapidly.

According to the International Health Regulations, rapid detection of public health risks, prompt risk assessment, notification, verification and response are crucial.

NMC national surveillance system acquires information from national, regional and local levels to:

  • Timeously detect and respond to public health threats in order to prevent disease outbreaks;
  • Estimates burden of priority diseases and identify populations at risk;
  • Monitor place, person and time trends in priority diseases of public health importance; and
  • Direct public health interventions and inform policy decisions.


NMC Hotline: +27 (0) 72 621 3805

Email: NMCsurveillanceReport@nicd.ac.za

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Every doctor or nurse (health care provider) in both the public and private health sector who diagnoses a patient with any one of the NMC must report the case. Failure to report a NMC is a criminal offense.

Electronic notification via the NMC APP

(Download the NMC APP from the NICD website (NMC page) or via your cell phone app store. Refer to the NMC APP user manuals)

  1. Capture the NMC case details onto the NMC mobile or web APP (New Case tab).
  2. Upon completion of data capture, save the data and the notification will automatically be sent to all relevant focal people at Health Establishment, Sub-District, District, Province & National.

Paper based notification (also refer to SOP for NMC reporting)

  1. Complete the NMC Case Notification Form.
  2. Send the NMC Case Notification Form to NMCsurveillanceReport@nicd.ac.za or fax to 0866391638 or NMC hotline 072 621 3805. Form(s) can be sent via sms, whatsapp, email, fax.
NMC Case Notification Form
NMC SOP - Notification Process
NMC Regulations
NMC Case Definitions - Category 1
NMC COVID-19 Case Notification Form
SOP - COVID-19 Module

NMC Hotline: +27 (0) 72 621 3805

Email: NMCsurveillanceReport@nicd.ac.za